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todo list

boilerplates -- so events can be created easy and be indexed easily.

Making this site multi-lingual would be really cool. Right now I advise people to make their best version of the site in their langauge. Some articles on policy and such may need to be rigorously translated for accuracy, but for most content that can happen later.

Templates are powerful, but they can screw up editing for some people. An error in wikitext can break a site.

Templates are invoked like squiggle bracket squiggle bracket template name pipe variable1 pipe variable 2 closesquiggle closesquiggle

They are a bit more complicated to write, and use some logic to handle missing variables, but this can be powerful.

Transclusion -- This is another very powerful tool that can make managing a wiki more technically complicated, but much less tedious. One page can be included into another page so that content can be referenced from multiple other pages. references are neat -(too tired to finish idea)


User:AirOp has a lot of ideas on how to do the wiki, but your ideas are important and you can shape how things are built. You can call him any time for help... literally any time, he won't answer if he is not available.

I plan to make templates that make it easy to list events that are coming in the next month, help people take notes about what was discussed at a meeting and then write some articles about my ideal group , and I hope other people will too, and I hope we can all come to consensus. I play fast and loose with the rules while I am brainstorming, and then I go back edit articles into simple English and polish things like spelling and grammar.