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My name is Aaron Peterson.



206 334 5925 -- You can find me on wechat or call me any time, day or night, I have an odd schedule and I will have my phone on silent if I don't want it to make noise and I won't answer, Please let me know when it is ok to call you back though :)

I live in Seattle near UW and Capital Hill. , I have lived in Montlake and Interbay(technically Queen Anne though). I have family in Kent, and I have lived in Tacoma before.

I prefer not to get email, but you can find me on facebook or almost any other major service.. I am myusualnickname


One of my very first jobs was teaching skiing in 7th grade. There was a lot of training on how to manage classes. I have participated with babysitting education and sunday school teaching. I have made a lot of mistakes, but I hope to have grown from the mistakes. I have observed and tutored and adapted computer interfaces for seniors.




I grew up in an English environment. I completed my college requirements for English. Spelling is still a challenge. My mother was a journalism major and father reads a lot of books.

I help volunteer teach ESL classes. I believe in practicing the foundations that kids learn, active crafts, reading stories and asking questions.

As a child I took some speech therapy, I may not hear everything or have another ailment, but I'm not really bothered by it. The exercises from speech therapy are recalled when I help someone pronounce something.

Languages in Rough order, including many that i know 0 of


I am learning Mandarin Chinese. I took Chinese 121 122 and 123 at Shoreline Community College.

I took Chinese 101 at WSU using Integrated Chinese revision 2 traditional characters..

I take HSK2 classes from the Seattle Library and Confucius institute.

I have been to China twice. these cities 北京 南京 合肥 黄山 成都 重庆 宜昌 武汉 上海

I am an assistant organizer for the Seattle Mandarin Meetup. I do have some administration privileges, but this is not an official post, the organizer lets me help.

I started attending meetups when I learned about the South Sound Chinese meetup from UW Tacoma when I was looking to up my Chinese.

I attend the Seattle Mandarin Chinese Beginners meetings.

I have been "removed" from the Seattle Chinese Language Exchange meetup. and I don't know why I suspect that someone believes that I wronged someone in the group, I probably shouldn't talk about it, but I am bothered by this.

I use a lot of apps and have so much I want to tell people about Pleco, Du Chinese, and Mandarin Corner, Chinese Skill and Hello Chinese... and memrise for specific things

Vocabulary Working on

Anything industrial or technical, mathematics, shapes.



Visual mandarin chinese english 9781465436337

Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings Qin Xue Herzberg and Larry Herzberg 9781933330990

儿童十万个为什么 beijiaoxiaoyu 9787552203271

tuttle, everything I've seen of theirs is good... including flash cards:


I took Spanish from 6th grade to College, I'm not very good at it. I was in advanced spanish as a Sophmore.. that class was basically a period for the the teacher to grade papers, I would have learned more taking a lower level... because again, 8th and 9th grades were just repeating what I learned in 7th grade... it almost turned me off to languages.


This is the language of a tribe of people who live in South Sudan / Ethiopia. I know a lot of people who speak it, and I hope to continue to learn more about it and help my nieces and nephews know more about the language of their grandparents.


I took 1 semester of Russian and could write in cursive, print, and type... My teacher was from China.. We have some close friends from Armenia who speak Russian.

--- I pretty much can't do anything below here, but I have interests.

JavaScript / C / Bash / VBscript / Regular Expressions / Python / Basic / Pascal / C++ / Perl / Java

I took a computer class in C, and did a lot of JavaSciprt... my dad wrote lots of code. I know about quality control issues in software and the need for comments. I haven't done a lot of coding, but I thought it was so easy I got bored by it. I'm probably not good at any of these.

Lexical Analyzer

YACC Bison I read a book about these... I wanted to work on compiler stuff but thought I'd try harder things.. .man I was stupid. Did you note that I


I thought I did well in this class... but I saw my grades from 6th grade and the teacher was not impressed.


I took French from Kindergarten to 5th grade. The nature of the class is I can sing brother John are you sleeping? name a few colors and count a bit... I can maybe ask you if you want any cheese or candy or crepes... We really just repeated very basic things every year and the program bored me greatly. I could tell time at one point too. I switched to spanish to get away from the repetition.


I bought a Quran, and I have to respect the idea of having pauses and breaths dictated by punctuation.. I tried to have my Tunisian friends teach me a bit, but I'm not as quick as i'd like to be.


When I was little, this is the language I heard a lot, next to English.


We had a Japanese man live with us for a bit when I was in second grade. I learned how to say cat and dog. I started to take it in college, I could go thru the phonetic alphabet, but I dropped it as I was overloaded and already had my language requirements.


I started to take this class but dropped it as I was overloaded. I have some friends who enjoy telling me German words.


I have German, Danish?, and Swedish heritage. Apparently my father picked up language habits from

Language Goals

I plan to get thru Integrated Chinese Level 1 Book 2, then take college integrated chinese level 2, possibly while working.

Then I hope to refresh my very basic spanish and russian. and then get a basic ability to pronounce Arabic, then see whats up. I also want to continue to learn Nuer.

Cultural Background.

I am not quite sure what my culture is. I feel too independent. I grew up in a refugee-friendly town in the Seattle Area. I don't care much about sports ball teams. I watched way too much South Park. I believe I'm not supposed to get offended. I grew up attending a Covenant Christian church, (on the liberal side of things, chosen by my parents because the pastor had good kids), My parents have a pentecostal background. I attended Christian groups, and attempt to follow the teachings of Christ. I have attended Atheist/Agnostic groups, and found their arguments similar to the Christian teachings, but with different words. I believe that we must be truthful, that we all have misunderstandings in practically everything, and that that attempting to mislead people is wrong. I put a lot of effort into developing my philosophy. I want to further my idea of a language that uses mathematical concepts as root words. Length three times would be volume... Union, and subset and logical operators... "I love you" literally can be: I hope to act to increase your pattern. (it allows for tough love and genuine compassion) or " I want to own you and consume you" -- is sort of the way many people seem to mean it when they manipulating say it.

I hope to be a very very open person. I know I have faults, I am very opposed to the "self confidence" movement, and believe that we need to have confidence in Science and surround ourselves by people who also care.

Life Goals

My current goals are to get out of debt, find a woman who is willing to replicate with me and tolerate my family, create a software project to facilitate policy discussion for inflammatory topics.. Establish Approval voting as the norm (or find another system of voting that gives people a portion of their world) . Find a way to allocate scarce resources that balances creativity with the long term needs of society, work on my language. experiment with the idea of personal constitutions where we can specify the behavior expectations towards us and from us, and be held accountable if we violate it.. such as: I prohibit myself from buying certain drugs, I ask that people don't sell me drugs even if I ask for them. I will not buy an item over a certain price without a notary (say I had head trauma and routinely make bad choices that I realize later, and my family convinced me to never buy a lotto ticket or gamble,, people who check my profile would be prohibited from complying with my request unless notarized)


I edited mediawiki help pages, gentoo linux wiki, Freegeek Seattle wiki... I'm very opinionated on how a wiki should run, and you should argue with me about it and feel free to edit. I am a guest here, and I intend to respect all content that others create unless there are some justifiable moral or policy issue.