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In general please keep things short (terse) and the main namespace is primarily Basic English.

content is better than no content.

Personal opinions and commentary can get annoying quickly. It may be ok to create a personal note on a stub article, but they should be placed on your personal User:Name page. just make a page called User:YourUserName , such as User:AirOp To make a link it looks like a chain., see the fandom

Learn to edit: editing guide.

Use Headings


AirOp prefers WikiLinks (camel case, no space) for links... however Wikipedia has defaulted to proper spacing and having it be lowercase. (with a case insensitive first character) it may be possible to move and rename pages if we settle on a convention.


A certain opinionated early editor highly suggests to use YYYYMMDD format for dates, as the Chinese do... it makes sorting easy. If this exists after other people are still editing, there may not be enough people caring to change it :)

Templates and tools

Hopefully there will be tools for people to create minutes for meetings and everyone can indicate their endorsements for certain tools. c

Edit or not Edit

If you can edit it to make it better, please feel free to edit the material. If it is a major policy or purpose statement, we hope you have attended a few Seattle Polyglots meetings and know the organizer and message him if it is more than a simple typo. If possible move material rather than eliminating it. The software keeps track of changes and

Removal of Material

In general, create an appropriate page for material and move it there rather than just deleting it. If someone posts a comment in first person, you may find it useful to copy and paste it on their user page.

Any illegal material should be removed. (it may even be removed by the hosting provider) Let the organizers know so the content can be *deleted* because normal edits save content. In addition content must adhere to the Fandom Wikia policies as long as content is hosted here.

There should be no hate speech (AirOp suggests no name calling--not even attribute assignments) It is very very easy to do racist and sexist speech it should be avoided. This is not a place to argue policy or about what culture should be, it can be a place to describe culture, and hosted content for lessons may do that, but in general this wiki is not for that.