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Welcome! This wiki is dedicated to serving people in the Greater Seattle Area who are passionate about languages and cultures. You can coordinate events and share content with us here!

Find the Seattle Polyglots events at: (There are many ways of defining the word polyglot. Our definition is anyone who is passionate about languages.)

Find the Seattle Language & Culture Meetup at: (We are looking to our members to suggest their interest in movie nights, international dinners and cultural festivals.)

Many other language groups are listed in the Resources by Language and Events sections below. These two groups have been highlighted because they aim to bring together people for all language and cultural backgrounds.

We hope to grow as a diverse community to include people from all backgrounds from total beginners to seasoned professors.





Polyglots: TBD
SCL a Tuesday a month panama tea house
SMMU Every Sat CISC and Dimsum

Resources: Hosting Attending

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Mandarin KTV


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Resources by Language

There are over 6,000 languages in the world [!]. If you are a Seattleite 西雅图人, please add content and expand. You may add your user profile to the language category. How to list your interest in a language

Learning Strategies

Immersion by living in another country

Working one-on-one with tutors

Meetup Groups

College and University Classes

Bilingual Schools



General Language and Grammar Resources

International Phonetic Alphabet

College Grammar Programs (WSU)

Linguistic Institutes

Suggested Content for a Language Resources Page

  • Groups (Facebook, Meetup, chat groups, etc)
  • School programs (private and public)
  • Tutors (online and in person)
  • Apps
  • Books
  • Video: Movies / TV / YouTube (list your username next to content to promote it)
  • Music and Playlists

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