Seattle Polyglots Wiki

After you have created your Fandom account, (and switched browser to request desktop site) you can edit the wiki, and at least one person has the vision that each person who wants to group up with other people at a similar learning point to form study groups will list their favorite content so that they can come together and leveredge a group of people questioning the same material. This is a list of headings that you may wish to consider having in your User:Profile Remember that these things are public!

(the page is User:YourUserName)

  • Name
  • Contact information that you are willing to share and expectations of how people will use it, (AirOp shares his phone number, nobody has EVER called him about a wiki but he would be delighted if someone did)
  • Facebook profile
  • email?
  • Language goals
  • Languages you use
  • Tests you have passed
  • Courses you have taken
  • Textbooks you have used or are using
  • Tutors you have used
  • Apps that you have used
  • Favorite websites

Hopefully there will be backlinks which means that if a user just lists an app or service as a link, that page can show a list of pages (user pages) that link to that page, so each user only has to edit their own profile and the group of people who use a resource can find each other and team up.