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If you would like to host an event at your house, you may wish to share the address with only those confirmed to be going, or not mind it being shared publicly.

meetups are generally publicly listed, but people go to meetups to meet other people. Some study groups and such may be spin-offs that are not public.

There are some common sense rules to being a guest in someone's house, and some guidelines about being a host: Even though things may be common, some people may not know about the etiquette. With these groups


Typically bring something to share,

observe shoe rules.

Number of guests:

Most meetups are in public places.. An event in a private home could be awkward if the rest of the attendees don't show up. ( a frequent occurrence on meetups) Try to go with someone you trust, (not just are acquainted with). (This should probably be reworded, as a host i've been concerned about it ~~~~)