Seattle Polyglots Wiki

Often times meetings are held at a restaurant with a full meal as the focus of the event.

Attendee Tips

if possible bring cash and other payment options like electronic transfer apps and credit cards.

It is a good idea to reserve a spot at the restaurant and check to see if they are open before scheduling a meetup (AirOp managed to schedule a meetup at a place that was closed... very embarassing!)

The restaurants need to make enough profit to justify the group meeting there, so payment isn't just about food, it's about renting the space.

Hosting Tips

Call ahead to make sure that the restaurant is open and make a reservation if possible. Since attendance typically varies quite a bit, one may need to call the restaurant to update the reservation, and limit the number of attendees.

Restaurants frequented by groups:

Facing East

woods coffee


Regent Bakery

Oasis Tea Zone Chinatown

Oasis Tea Zone UW