Seattle Polyglots Wiki

Listing an Event

If you want to meet new people, and you work odd hours, message an event organizer on meetup to see if an event can be hosted at a time and place of your choosing! Most language and culture meetups are done as a hobby, and if you want to host an event that fits with an existing meetup, there is a good chance they will accommodate your wish.

Choose a Venue

Call ahead, limit the number of attendees to a respectable amount

Event Listing Services is a popular event hosting service by WeWork t. It costs about $20 per month to host a meetup group. A lot of people new to town go to to find new friends and get a root in a new community.

Facebook groups, Facebook is a more popular service than meetup. It has clutter.

Eventbrite -- if you charge admission this may work, or if

evite -- works well if you already have a group of people

Student clubs -- clubs at community colleges and universities can be supported with funds from the student fees. They really want to build a community at the schools, they can be cumbersome (I spent over an hour trying to get $20 worth of food for an event, and I figured that I should just donate snacks than waste my time filling out paperwork)

Stuff for the Organizer to bring

Whiteboard -- for writing new vocabulary

Meetup Sign -- (if with meetup)

Scratch Paper

Spare pencils / pens